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Saudi Arabia embraces CWC to automate their cash operations cycle

9 October 2017

Transtrack International and InCube are proud to announce that we have implemented a fully automated IT solution for Cash Center and Cash-in-Transit (CIT) services in Saudi Arabia.

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Byelex and Transtrack partner to connect cash & cryptocurrency

5 October 2017

Amsterdam October 5th, 2017
Cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming mainstream. With 5,000 Bitcoin ATM’s in the world and 12 in the Netherlands, we see an increasing need to connect the physical world of cash with the virtual world of cryptocurrency. Today people expect to go to an ATM and always get access to their funds in cash.

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Upcoming events

We are participating in the GITEX Technology Week

19 September 2017

From October 8th to 12th we will be present at 37th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, UAE. Our Operations and Product managers, together with our partner Incube, will be pleased to host and meet you during the event.
For more information about the event please refer to: http://www.gitex.com/

We sponsored the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar conference 2017

23 June 2017

From September 11th to 14th we sponsored and exhibited at the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thank you for all the support over there!
For more information about the conference please refer to: http://asia.iccos.com/

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