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The Partnership

The partnership between Transtrack International and Gunnebo was established with full focus on the customers’ needs. The main aim is to fulfill the comprehensive demand and requirements of technology to help the customer achieve their goals. We want to bring an unprecedented value to the market - so we created a flexible and hybrid solution, customizable to the needs of our customers in banking, retail and CIT industries. Jointly we operate a global team of cash management & cash handling technology experts, for both consultancy and implementation, operating in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, Europe and CIS countries.

Our joint offering uniquely combines the best technology for security, efficiency, management and control of cash for customers around the world!
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Joint offering

Our solutions bring innovation at a supply chain level and individual business level, elevating security, efficiency and cash management for our global customers. The services we provide complete the offering:
  • Support for a maximum system uptime
  • Software and Hardware Maintenance
  • Implementation and Rollout Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy

Optimization in Security, Efficiency and Control

“Throughout the world, we assist our retail and banking customers to optimize and secure their cash handling processes already for decades. Now with this partnership we can look at these processes from more than one angle and provide a combined technology and business expertise, which adds value and lowers costs for our clients.”
Patrick van Aart, Cash Handling Director EMEA at Gunnebo
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Joint Cash Management Solution

With the combination of Transtrack and Gunnebo solutions our clients, i.e. Retailers, Commercial Banks, CITs and Cash Service Providers, can offer their customers an option to pay with cash, while keeping it safe and easy to manage. Gunnebo verifies, counts, recycles and stores the notes and coins safely in one of its high security machines. The network connected to a Cash Handling device immediately shares the data on transactions and technical status with Transtrack’s CWC software, which initiates business action.

Cash Management Service

Transtrack and Gunnebo, with the use of the CashWebCommunity software, can also provide support to your business with an innovative Cash Management Service or Cash-as-a-service (CaaS). A centralized service managed by a central platform and operators for all physical services to your shops.

The Cash Management Service of Transtrack and Gunnebo provides you a complete outsourced cash supply chain, enabling you to focus on core business and minimize requirements for cash handling and management.

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About Gunnebo

The Gunnebo Security Group is a global leader in security products, services and solutions with more than 250 years of experience. Gunnebo’s offering is covering Cash Handling, Safes and Vaults, Entrance Security and Electronic Security. The main industries Gunnebo is operating in are Banks, Retailers, CITs, Mass Transit, Public & Commercial buildings, and Industrial & High-Risk sites. Gunnebo is a leading global provider of closed cash handling and self-service solutions for cash management.

Please visit www.gunnebo.com for more information.
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