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CashWebCommunity Transport software

Transtrack added another handheld computer to its list of supported hardware devices for its Android application. The Zebra TC57 is a professional touch computer, suitable as a rugged enterprise device and used for operations in tough environments. With its advanced touchscreen and scanning technology the TC57  allows users to work even when the screen is wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus. Download the full product specification sheet here or check out their video below.




About the CashWebCommunity Android app

The CashWebCommunity Android application provides cash-in-transit companies with a comprehensive route handling system to perform their transport routes for cash delivery, collection, and ATM and machine service work. With the digital signature and tracking and tracing through scanning every step (including exceptions) a clear transfer of liability is ensured for crew, CIT branch and client. Meanwhile, at the route control center, CashWebCommunity’s visit monitor allows the route supervisor to monitor the progress of the routes and services in real-time. The software uses real-time secure communication through GPRS.



Is your PDA model supported?

We’re continuously adding new models to our list of supported  devices. If you are curious to know whether your devices are supported already, then fill in your brand and type below and we’ll get in touch with you.


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