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Bankers Warehouse rolls out new cash management software in the growing Nigerian market

Bankers Warehouse is a Nigerian full-service cash management and handling business. BW serves banks and retailers with transport, cash processing, inventory management and ATM servicing. With a fleet of about 200 Armoured Vehicles they carry out Cash-in-Transit operations in 28 states. Additionally, BW is aiming to roll out more cash centers in different locations over the coming years. With Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software, BW has acquired the technology infrastructure that helps them achieve these objectives, increase the quality of their services, and make core business processes more efficient.

The roll-out of the CWC software has started within the Cash-in-Transit division of Bankers Warehouse. Next step will be the implementation in their cash centers, ensuring a fully integrated and closed loop system for the entire company, based on CWC’s best practises. This will generate major improvements for the internal business processes of BW and not in the least for the quality of the services they can offer to their clients. With CWC, Bankers Warehouse will be able to fully manage a bank’s ATM network and manage all the cash supply of retailers ─ connecting smart safes to the software. In parallel, the forecasting of cash and optimization of ATMs and other Cash Points will be implemented. The forecasting and optimization is based on CWC’s predictive algorithms and will result in running the most efficient cash supply chain.

Rolling out CWC for all Bankers Warehouse’s cash processing activities aligns well with their company strategy of continuous innovation. With the CWC software they can easily scale their business while providing a better customer experience to their clients and lower the overall cost of cash handling. With the support of CWC, Bankers Warehouse will be able to keep their leadership position and set the standard for cash services for banks and retailers in the growing Nigerian market.

“The implementation of Transtrack’s CWC software, allows us to efficiently offer modern and reliable cash services to our clients. With this software we will ensure that we are able to achieve our company objectives and grow with our customer’s needs”,

– Mr. Victor Hammond, CEO of Bankers Warehouse

Bankers Warehouse specialises in Cash-In-Transit, Currency Sorting and Cash Management operations. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. BW is one of two companies currently licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out both Cash Management (CM) and Cash-In-Transit (C-I-T) operations.

Transtrack International is market leader in the development of sophisticated software solutions for cash businesses worldwide. Transtrack’s software solutions increase efficiency, transparency and security in the cash supply chain. “With the CWC suite of modules we are able to automate the full supply chain and deploy predictive logic in order to work just-in-time and have demand and supply of cash in synch fully. We are very happy to work with a leading cash business like Bankers Warehouse in a dynamic and growing Nigerian market place.

“They have made great progress in building their business and we are excited that we can support them in taking the next steps in their journey”

– Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

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