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Byelex and Transtrack partner to connect cash & cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming mainstream. With 5,000 Bitcoin ATM’s in the world and 12 in the Netherlands, we see an increasing need to connect the physical world of cash with the virtual world of cryptocurrency. Today people expect to go to an ATM and always get access to their funds in cash. So why would this need to be any different for a Bitcoin ATM? The Bitcoin ATM’s should be working, serviced, and supplied with sufficient cash at any time just like regular ATM’s, where consumers are used to get an excellent 24/7 experience.

People use Bitcoin ATM’s to convert all their left-over cash after a business or leisure trip in cryptocurrency rather than keeping it in a shoebox. We also see a lot of expats that can convert their earnings into cryptocurrency and send it back to their family across the world at a very low cost.

Byelex, supplier of bitcoin ATM in The Netherlands sees increased usage of their ATM’s and is looking into expanding their ATM network in areas where travellers come together, such as airports and major train stations. To improve the servicing and prepare for scaling the business they decided to partner with Transtrack international, the leading software company for managing physical cash in the supply chain.

“Using Transtrack’s CWC software and partners brings the maturity and stability that is required to bring our Bitcoin ATM network to the level of service that is expected by the Bitcoin ATM users”, says Herman Vissia CEO of ByeCoin and Byelex media.

“Extending our service to the Bitcoin ATM’s at this early phase is essential for an innovative company like Transtrack. It is our commitment to make the whole supply chain of cash work more efficiently, and with a growing cryptocurrency market we are committed to be one of the first to support a seamless consumer experience.” Says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International Transtrack is market leader in the development of software solutions that address the control and management of the end-to-end processes within the cash supply chain.

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