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CWC selected by APSG in the Middle East

CWC automates and integrates the cash supply chain at APSG, integrating all processes and actors involved and allowing the company to bring the performance of their services to the next level.

The AbuSarhad Premier Service Group “APSG”, acts as one of the main groups in the Middle East that manages all operations and services in Transportation, Security, Logistic, International Transportation, International Recruitment, Home Automation Systems, Multiple factories, Hajj & Umra Services, Real Estates, VIP Escort Services, Travel and Tourism, General Contracting, Maintenance and House Keeping, Internal Pilgrims Services, among others.

The group aims to use technology in order to achieve a total centralized process of their operations and towards their clients.

In line with their strategy to centralize operations, the need of state-of-the-art technology emerged. APSG chose CWC as the tool for them to cope with the ongoing growth within their business operations and also to manage the demands of the industry in the region and current clients in the banking industry.

The CWC suite not only allows APSG to centralize operations and forget about a multi-system management on cash, it also provides them with full visibility on their different processes followed and provides also tools for the decision making process at management level in all the different areas of operations.

“The use of the latest technology in APSG is crucial for the continuity of our business; we are confident that CWC was the best choice for us as not only helps us to be more efficient, the continuous development of the standard software will allow us to continue with our strategy of using technology for the best possible service in the long term” says Mr Mahmoud Salama, CEO at APSG.

Transtrack International is market leader in developing and providing sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses worldwide to increase efficiency, transparency and security. “Our mission is to provide a true and continuous innovation to cash businesses, making them better, uniting them within the supply chain and keep cash affordable to society.” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

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