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How you can improve
cash management

with a 360 assessment of your business.

Join our live webinar December 18

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During this live webinar you will learn from our lead consultant Tajan Joseph and Delivery Manager Eric Blankestein, how Transtrack’s 360 assessments can help you improve your cash management. We will dive into the composition of the team of specialists that perform the assessments and how we engage with the key stakeholders in your business. We’ll also touch on how we cover all facets of your business, including, management & organization, operations, and IT, and how our holistic findings are presented to your executive team.

Tajan and Eric build on considerable experience in evaluating financial institutions from Europe and the UK, to the Middle East and Africa. Don’t miss out. Can’t make it to the live webinar? Still sign up, so we can send you the full recording afterwards.

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12/18/2018 10:00 CET - 11:00 CET



Event speakers


Tajan Joseph

Product Owner & Business Consultant

Tajan Joseph is a consulting professional with more than 12 years of experience in different domains including banking and energy. He drives digital transformations through IT enabled process automation and supports companies in reinventing for the digital era, remaining competitive, and achieving growth. Tajan has experience in due diligence, business analysis, requirements management, presales consulting, process […]


Eric Blankestein

Delivery Manager

With over 25 years of both hands-on and executive experience in the logistics sector, Eric is an expert in leading multi-disciplinary client projects. In his role as Delivery Manager he is responsible for the implementation of the CashWebCommunity software at Central & Commercial Banks, CIT’s and Cash Centers. Delineating responsibility for organization and confining the scope and […]


Maarten de Bakker

Marketing Manager

After more than 10 years of hands-on marketing experience in different industries, such as construction and FinTech, Maarten has moved into the cash industry as the marketing manager for Transtrack. He regularly hosts webinars and creates different types of content that all showcase Transtrack’s expertise in cash cycle management.

“It's this type of interaction that our institutions can all benefit from”

-SCI Africa

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