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Gunnebo and Transtrack Enter into Partnership to Increase Global Cash Management & Security

Lowering the cost of cash, increasing operating margins and improving security are key issues for companies, which are part of the cash supply chain. Global security provider, Gunnebo, and cash management software provider, Transtrack, have now teamed up to provide an integrated offering, which will address these issues and reduce the total cost of cash.

Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software improves efficiencies for all those involved in the supply chain such as central banks, retail banks, retailers, cash management companies and CIT companies. Through integration with Gunnebo’s CashControl software and cash handling products, clients have the tools to monitor and optimize all of their cash handling machines, from coin deposit units to ATMs.

The software determines the most efficient balance between using CIT services and holding cash. It also processes pre-crediting and settlement transactions and takes care of reconciliation. Additionally, the software enables companies to have open communication with their supply chain partners through a web-enabled application where they can share data in real time.

“The combined offering from Gunnebo and Transtrack of the best software and security solutions elevates technology for cash businesses to the next level. The global Gunnebo footprint allows us to provide a global product with local service,” explains Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

“Throughout the world, we have been helping our retail and banking customers to optimize and secure their cash handling processes for decades,” adds Patrick van Aart, Cash Handling Director EMEA at Gunnebo. “Now through this partnership, we can look at these processes from more than one angle and provide combined expertise, which adds value and lowers costs for our clients.”

About Gunnebo

The Gunnebo Security Group offers a combination of cash handling hardware, software, and services, ranging from entry-level systems to complete closed cash handling solutions. The offering covers the entire in-store cash handling process from front to back office covering cash deposit, dispensing, recycling and back office automation.

About Transtrack

Transtrack International provides sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses around the world to increase efficiency, transparency, and security. From a total cost of cash perspective, the software allows for a decrease in the cost of cash for central banks, retail banks, and retailers.


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