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Cash Forecasting

How forecasting lowers the cost of cash

White paper

In many industries the use of forecasting tools is common practice. In the cash industry however, the use of forecasting tools is limited and quite often still based on manual processes and custom developed tools, including a widespread usage of spreadsheets. In many ways this is surprising because the cash supply chain has some specific characteristics that offer the opportunity to optimize cash stock in a highly effective and automated manner – especially compared to other supply chains. This white paper outlines why there may be a lack of focus on cash forecasting, the industry trends and cost drivers that should influence this attitude, and how forecasting lowers the cost of cash.

Learn how Transtrack’s new Long-Term Forecasting (LTF) module improves cash forecasting and creates optimized cash orders. LTF is a software solution that uses sophisticated algorithms with machine learning to automatically detect trends in cash demand in ATMs, branches, retail smart safes, recyclers, and other self-service machines.



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