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January Recap

Dear Cash users,

We ought to say… January has left behind before we have a chance to acknowledge that 2018 is now just 11 months to go! Transtrack would like to take a moment at the end of each month to remark our activities during a month time, to provide you a sum-up at a glance in case you missed it.

We delight to share that the largest CIT provider in Saudi Arabia, AMNCO, chooses CWC for their business, to optimize the CIT and Cash processing services in the Kingdom.

To the Central bank, controlling the cash supply chain is very important, this is how CWC can help.

Special to Transtrack clients and partners, if you haven’t registered to our webinar Product Roadmap 2018, feel free to reach your contact person at Transtrack for more information.

Starting February, we are going to present at the Cash Cycle Seminar in Abu Dhabi. If you are joining the seminar, let meet!

Stay tuned for our news worldwide.


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