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MEPS Currency Management selects Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity software

for end-to-end cash management

The rapidly growing operations of MEPS Currency Management and the changing demands of their clients created a need for end-to-end cash management software. Transtrack’s CWC software has proved to be the best option for MEPS. With CWC they will be able address the operational challenges and create new business opportunities by offering new services in the market.

MEPS Currency Management Sdn Bhd (MCM) was established in 1998 as the sole notes processing agent for Malaysia’s Central Bank in six cash centers nationwide. In 2014, MEPS Currency Management ventured into providing commercial Cash and ATM/CDM management services for the financial market and retailers in the country, and has since then been growing fast to become a key player in the local industry. To be able to provide premium cash services to Banks and Retailers in Malaysia, MEPS decided to invest in the latest cash management technology available in the market.

With the implementation of CWC, MEPS Currency Management can fully automate their cash operations. The integration of the cash processing, transport and ATM management processes will result in a more efficient operation. On top of the operational cost savings, the software allows them to increase their portfolio by adding new services, which will translate into new business opportunities for the group.

Thanks to the CWC software, MEPS Currency Management can now provide services with full visibility and transparency to their clients. A seamless communication is made possible with the use of a web portal, which results in a better collaboration within the cash supply chain. The new process will also increase the available management information to MEPS Currency Management for better decision making.

“Our top priority are our clients and we are very committed to continuously improving their experience with us. Partnering with Transtrack, and their local partner KM Enterprise Systems, is key to realizing our strategic objectives. Implementing CWC will help us to create significant cost improvements, increase the quality of our services, and is definitely a great investment in new business opportunities for us,” commented Abdul Malek Sutan, Director Cash Services at MEPS Currency Management.

Transtrack International is market leader in the development of sophisticated software solutions for cash businesses worldwide. Transtack’s software solutions increase efficiency, transparency and security in the cash supply chain. “Over the last years CWC has become the leading cash management software solution in the global industry. We are constantly investing in new developments to make sure our clients can stay ahead of the game. It’s very satisfying to see that our software is a key element of the strategy of MEPS Currency Management in the Asian market and we are committed to continue delivering value in this region,” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

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