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BPS C4 and BPS M3

CashWebCommunity now interfaces with both the BPS C4 and BPS M3 banknote processing machines from Giesecke+Devrient. The high-end machines send the count result files electronically to CWC, which continues with the inbound operation of deposit and header card reconciliation. The deployment of the M3 integration with CWC was a successful joint exercise, performed by G+D, Transtrack and a shared customer.

Transtrack’s product owner for our cash center solutions, Tajan Joseph is very happy with the progress that is being made and commented that “Since the acquisition of Transtrack by G+D Currency Technology earlier this year, we’ve been working evermore closely together with the team in Munich. We’re all very excited about the opportunities and benefits it brings to our teams, solutions and clients. We’re developing more interfaces with G+D’s hardware as we speak, including the C2 series.”

CashWebCommunity interfaces with a broad range of hardware devices from different manufacturers and the list grows continuously. Please don’t hesitate to request a full list of hardware brands and types by filling out the form below.


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