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Ronald van Vliet

Ronald van Vliet, CEO at Transtrack International

Managing Director

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Ronald van Vliet is the Managing Director at Transtrack International since 2002. He started a new era for Transtrack and the cash industry when he introduced his supply chain vision for software technology, resulting in the gradual development of the standard and configurable CashWebCommunity product. A key element of the mission is to maintain cash an affordable means of payment, while simultaneously help commercial operators to become more profitable.

With his background in retail and IT, the supply chain approach with CWC was a logical step and it brought supply chain best practices to the cash industry, using the CWC suite of modules.

Ronald spends most of his time engaging with customers at the level of business and IT strategy alignment, promoting global best practices, and facilitating knowledge-sharing between cash industry players.

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+31 (0)20 888 4722

Science Park 400

1098 XH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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