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Powerful new features in latest release of Android application

CashWebCommunity Transport software

Unlocking advanced ATM security

The new product release also includes an integration with Sargent and Greenleaf’s ATM locking solution. To access the ATM the CIT crew requires a one-time code. CWC’s Android app, that runs on the crew’s mobile device, requests this code from the CWC back-office software who it turn checks it and sends it to S&G’s database. As shown in the video, within seconds the code is shown in CWC’s Android app, allowing the crew member to unlock the ATM and perform the service. Which ATM locations have an e-lock in place is easily configured in CWC, ensuring a smooth servicing process on-site.

Bye barcode, hello NFC

Another new feature that improves the overall security and increases automation of the CIT operations is the NFC verification. Using the near-field communication (NFC) technology that’s embedded in the handheld device, servicing becomes faster and is smoothly executed. The operator no longer needs to scan a barcode at the location where the service is performed. Instead, bringing the handheld device that is running CashWebCommunity within 4 cm of the location’s NFC chip will suffice to log the service.


Increased security with Geo-fencing

With this new feature, services can only be completed when the operator is within the set GPS coordinates, the geo-fence. With this additional check, the CIT management increases its control over the operation and reduces the chances of fraud. The GPS radius is configurable per each location in CWC, tailoring the solution to the specific circumstances of the location.


And more…

  • The integration with Google Maps allows users to easily navigate to the next location they need to service, straight from the CWC app.
  • Managing exceptions on-route, like recollected packages that were already delivered or being outside of the radius, has been improved with the one-time PIN process. This gives more control to back-office management and tightened security.
  • With CWC supporting Android’s kiosk-mode, CITs can restrict access to applications on the handheld device.


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