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Call & Incident

Registration of incidents relating to machine malfunction and complaints and queries related to orders, services performed, machines, and stops. Configure automated workflows, that result in first or second line maintenance orders.

  • Track & monitor incidents

  • Automate workflows

  • Minimize downtime

  • Gain insight across various workflows


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Incidents, complaints, discrepancies

The availability of cash machines such as an ATM or deposit machine is influenced by the proper functioning of the machine. In practice machines require maintenance which is split into first-line and second-line maintenance. First-line maintenance can be carried out by a CIT or bank employee. Second-line maintenance typically requires the machine manufacturer or vendor to go on-site to solve the problem. The interaction with clients concerning the quality of the service is important for a bank or CIT. A complaint needs to be followed up by the right person within the company and resolving complaints needs to be reported regularly.

Call monitor

Calls (incidents, queries and complaints) are logged online and all departments and companies involved in the call resolution have online access to their task list and call monitor. Automated or manual escalation to management.

Online Management Information

Online tracking and reporting on the progress and quality of the call management process and the SLA target and score against the target. Several levels of Management Information are provided to both Client and Service provider management.

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