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Cash centers require the best automation and full integration within the supply chain.

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Efficient cash centers

Cash centers are an integral part of the cash community and enable a faster, more efficient and reliable recycling of cash. With the cost of cash as an important driver within the industry, the requirements for a cash centers' performance are changing. Topics like the optimization of the work force, the workload, the assets (like counting & sorting equipment and ATM cassettes) and the cash stock positions per owner are must-haves nowadays. With information being available ahead of the actual physical cash movements and demand, the cash center is able to anticipate resulting in better service against a lower cost. CashWebCommunity can be integrated with G+D's cash center software Compass VMS® (Vault Management System) and Compass ICO® (Inventory Control and Optimization), allowing different hybrid solutions for managing your cash centers end-to-end.

Reconciliation across the operation

Identify discrepancies immediately. Record cash levels from initial order, actual packed order, cash delivered, residual cash level, and end-of-day balance per cash point.

Hardware integrations

Transtrack's software integrates with most commonly used counting & sorting machines from different brands and is able to automatically capture counting results. Want to know if your counting and sorting machines are supported in CWC? Request the list of integrations here

SLA driven

Contractual agreements like processing time SLA’s and reporting needs are a driver for the workflow driven process. Continuous views on the progress of the cash center against total volume to process and client SLA’s provides proper insight for operational management and the ability to intervene. Views on the development of stock positions per denomination, the quality of cash and the performance of cash centers provides management the information they need to truly drive the business.

Supply chain integration

The availability of cash demand trends at an early stage received from the retail & banking frontend in electronic format and a fully automated handover of incoming and outgoing consignments are examples of modern integration. To be able to manage stock positions with a horizon of days or even weeks makes pre-ordering of bulk cash and pre-announcement of cash surplus per denomination possible. Owners of stock may be granted online access to the system to view their stock holdings at any given time.


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Director Cash Services at MEPS

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