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All-in-one transport solution

As the market leader in CIT transport automation, Transtrack has continuously enriched and developed the software for automation of vaults and the receive&dispatch area, the planning of routes and the execution of services on route with a PDA. By processing new market developments and feedback from clients, the software has remained up-to-date and the standard in CIT transport. CWC is able to receive electronic and online orders for transport and maintenance in a secure way. The CIT client can access the information online using the client portal feature which is standard in CWC. The operators can easily distribute orders across sites and do local or central planning of routes. The service on-route is then executed with the PDA running CWC, assuring complete execution of services by the crews. Finally all orders executed are subject to billing using the price agreements configured in the contract module of CWC.



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Nokas is a leading security group with operations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

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