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CWC is a modular, web-based cash management software product for end-to-end management of the cash supply chain. It is specifically designed to improve efficiency, visibility, traceability, security, cash inventories, supply chain cooperation between actors, and to decrease the cost of cash.

  • Covering the cash supply chain end-to-end

  • Highly configurable standard product

  • Web-based for online supply chain collaboration

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The requirements of all involved in the cash supply chain are rapidly changing; a far more dynamic supply, a far more secure & risk aversive process and a substantial decrease of the cost of cash are key points of management attention. The CashWebCommunity software platform enables Commercial Banks, Central Banks, Cash-In-Transit businesses and Retailers to operate an efficient and secure cash process. The community is enabled to implement collaborative working principles and fundamentally improve the way the supply chain interacts.

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Our product leadership strategy includes continuous investment in product development, ensuring that CWC solves our customer’s business challenges today and tomorrow. The regular product releases and upgrades will ensure your technology is always ahead of your competitors.

All-in-one solution

CWC is highly configurable, web-based for online collaboration between actors and easy to integrate with third party and corporate systems. The software provides modules for all main business areas of the cash supply chain and fully integrates processes, achieving the best possible value add for modern cash businesses.

Ab van Eck, Director Operations at G4S Cash Solutions Netherlands

"The CWC software helps us to provide value adding solutions to our customers and stay ahead of the competition."

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