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​Forecasting & Optimization

Forecasting and Optimization contains the forecasting of cash requirements based upon trend analysis and settings as well as the optimization by generating the best order for replenishment.

  • Forecast the best orders

  • Optimize the number of CIT servives

  • Place orders online through the web portal

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Optimize cash levels

Across the supply chain the level of cash needs to be as low as possible and be made available just-in-time. The cost of cash is decreased by just-in-time optimization of cash replenishment. The frontend of the supply chain makes cash available to consumers and retailers and the cash in and cash out are leading for the supply chain backend to respond.

The forecasting functionality makes use of historical data of cash issuing and depositing for any type of cash point such as an ATM, a cash deposit machine, a bank branch, a retail deposit safe and a night-deposit safe. A trend is determined in terms of a weekday pattern, a month pattern and a seasonal pattern.

The optimization functionality takes the decision on the date and amount of the best order, which is forwarded to the Order Management module for further approval and processing.


Cash point information & Settings for optimization & Pricing rules for services


Information on trends for cash points
& Optimized orders for cash services

Mark Trevor, Commercial Director at Vaultex

"The functionalities of the CWC software align with our strategy of using advanced technology to bring innovation to our clients. We can provide our customers with optimized cash levels and generate significant cost savings."

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