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Network Forecasting

Forecast cash demand and recirculation months and even years ahead. By using Machine Learning, the sophisticated algorithms of Network Forecasting detect trends, create different scenarios, and predict cash demand for all your ATMs, branches, Cash Centers, retail smart safes, recyclers, cash deposit machines, and other cash points.

  • Decrease your cash in circulation

  • Optimize cash levels at ATMs and branches

  • Create and compare detailed scenarios

  • Turn dead cash into capital opportunities

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Lower the cost of cash

Cash centers that can predict future demand of outbound and inbound cash, per denomination and split by fitness level, will be able to fully optimize cash center holdings, planning and operations. Forecasting cash demand will also reduce unnecessary deliveries of fit cash to central banks and allow for better planning of the need for staff and other resources to process the predicted volumes. Fewer replenishments, especially in combination with reduced residual cash returning to the cash centers, will lead to an overall reduction in handling costs.
Additionally, financial institutions can lower cash levels at ATMs and bank branches, resulting in decreased insurance costs and lowering the risk of robberies, skimming, and employee theft.
And, with smart, long-term forecasting of cash usage results, banks can use the freed-up capital (dead cash) to invest in actual profit-making activities.

Scenario Planning

Detailed scenario planning, considering assumptions in denominational split, fitness, usage trends, seasonality and one-off events

Monitor your cash demand trends

Let the sophisticated algorithms detect trends for all your ATM’s, CDM’s and other Cash Points, based on your historical data. Detailed to group of cash points, one cash point and even denomination level.

Build events that influence demand

Configure your one-off and recurring events for individual or groups of cash points including events that recur irregularly (i.e. Easter or EID).

Get real long-term insights

Visualize your historical and forecasted cash flow, showing different behaviour with and without events. Analyze the behaviour for multiple years or shorter periods, depending on the type of analysis needed.

Forecast your dynamic cash demand

Fully automate your daily cash orders for pick-up and delivery, optimized based on trends and more recent historical data.

Forecast for all your Cash Centers

Easily switch the screen from Cash Point to Cash Center. Forecast incoming and outcoming cash and expected fitness levels of notes.

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