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Order Management

Registration, distribution and tracking of orders for cash and service orders. Register order or use batch import facilities. Validate order against contract and confirmation of orders via email or using an automated method. Distribute orders to the backend modules. Receive order status updates. Business context The frontend requirement for cash and other services is captured in orders. Orders can be created manually, by bulk import or from the Forecasting and Optimization and Cash Point Management modules. Once the order has been submitted to the backend logistics departments, the tracking of the order becomes important in order to monitor the success of the order completion. In cooperation between banks and service providers, the approval of orders may be important. Description The module contains functionality for registration, approval, distribution and tracking of orders for cash services, consumables, special coin and maintenance work (FLM/SLM). Orders may be registered using batch import facilities for receiving orders from a client. The validation of an order against the contract and the confirmation of orders by e-mail or automated batch files is part of the module. The orders are then distributed to the backend logistics modules (or 3rd party systems). The tracking of orders is performed by receiving order status updates from the backend logistics modules. The module is aimed at sending orders to the backend logistics and finally complete orders for further administrative actions and reporting. The module is used by: Retailers for pre-announcement, ordering of change money, night-deposit drops Bank branches and HQ for (bulk) ordering The cash manager for approval of both manual and auto-generated orders by the Forecasting and Optimization module

Module input

Manual or Batch orders Optimized orders Status updates and actuals

Module output

Orders for backend logistics Pre-announcements Information on orders Completed orders

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