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Order processing

Processing of collected consignments received from the CIT (Route Management). Integration with counting equipment and results. Control of declared values against counted values. Optional two-phased process of counting. Processing orders for delivery; picking and packing from stock areas. The cash centre operation consists of two major processes; the processing of cash coming into the cash centre from the frontend (shops, ATM, cash machines), and the order picking of cash ordered by the frontend clients. The efficiency and traceability of the cash centre is key to the cash centre business. Advanced automation is required in order to achieve these objectives. The processing of collected consignments received from the CIT Branch (Route Management) by bulk transfer, the integration with counting equipment and the matching of declared (and pre-announced) values against counted values. The module supports a 2-phased process of counting. The processing orders for delivery; the picking and packing from stock positions. The bulk shipment to the CIT Branch (Route Management). The information from the module is used for Accounting Management, Order Management, Stock Management and Query & Reporting mainly.

Module input

- Orders for cash processing and order picking
- Pre-announced values for collect orders
- Consignments from CIT branch

Module output

- Consignments or delivery orders
- Stock changes
- Information on order processing

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ICCOS Americas

Boston, USA | 12-11-2019

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Muscat, Oman | 24-02-2020

The premier global seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation. This unique event brings together all stakeholders in cash circulation to share perspectives, ideas, cost saving technologies, strategies, best practices, and case studies for the betterment of the industry.

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