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Query & Reporting

Cross-module reporting, management reporting and customer service queries. Ability for a client to access authorized information directly. Optional Business Intelligence module “WebFocus” for dashboards and sophisticated end user reporting. A customer service department or manager requires cross module reporting and certain queries often used for or by clients. For management of the operation and the cash flow a “Business Intelligence” tool supports management decisions by providing dashboards. A set of views and queries in order to access certain information directly. Optional Business Intelligence module “WebFocus” for dynamic and sophisticated end user reporting.

Module input

- Data from all modules

Module output

- Operational views - Tactical and strategic analysis

Jair Larrauri

Sales Consultant

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ISI World Statistics Congress

Kuala Lumpur | 13-08-2019

Global gathering of statistical practitioners, professionals and experts from industries, academia and official authorities to exchange knowledge and establish networks for future engagements and collaborations. The event provides a platform for knowledge sharing, understanding of statistical development and direction, and learning application of statistical science in researches and decision makings, through presentation and discussion of […]

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Masterclass Cash Center
& Transport Management

Online | 05-09-2019

The very first Masterclass in Cash Center & Transport Management. Broadcasted live from our offices in Amsterdam and given by Transtrack’s senior consultant Marlies de Jong. Marlies brings a wealth of experience in consulting small, medium-sized, as well as big banks, CITs, and other cash handling companies around the world and her expertise covers all […]

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