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Retail CashView

Retailers want to give their customers the option to pay with cash. However, it needs to be convenient, safe and easy to manage. With Smart Safe devices and Transtrack’s retail solution, banks, CITs and others that provide services to retailers are able to achieve both.

  • Adaptable to any type of cash handling machine

  • Highly secure and safe cash management solutions

  • Get real-time visibility of cash, services and technical status

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Retail cash technology

The store staff deposits and receives notes and coins in the network connected to any cash handling machine. The machine will send note, coin and cashier information to CWC, allowing for auditing and reconciliation. The CashWebCommunity (CWC) platform receives an electronic update from the cash handling machine, which ensures that the cash content and technical status is visible in real-time. CWC is able to precredit the retailer’s bank account on a daily basis, relieving pressure on the cash flow. With the use of a sophisticated algorithm, CWC is able to auto-issue orders for collection and for change money to Cash-in-Transport (CIT) companies and counting for processing. End-to-end reconciliation is automated, combining information from the cashier's POS system, the retail terminals, and the counted results at the cash center.

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