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Route Handling

Performance of route for cash delivery, collection, ATM/machine and service work. Transfer of liability for crew, CIT branch and client. Receipt printing and digital signature. Tracking of scanning, exceptions and timings. Control of proper transactions. Auto-forwarding to final destination. GPRS enabling. The performance of all activities on route is required to be tracked and traced completely. Immediately after completing a service to a client location, the central system needs to be updated so the manager can monitor the progress of the routes and services. The functionality on the handheld device is for performing a route for cash deliveries, cash collections and maintenance (FLM.SLM) work. The transfer of liability between the crew and the CIT branch and the client is a basic part of the module. The receipt printing and digital signature options are available for client transfers. A complete track of scanning and timings is recorded. The control of the correct delivery of consignments is done by the module based upon contractual settings. The auto-forwarding of consignments to the final destination is done as well. The insurance value management of the vehicle while on route is carried out by the module. The software supports bulk transfer of consignments between crew and a cash centre using multi-level repacking and a handheld connection to the cash centre instance of the system. The software supports real-time secure communication using GPRS.

Module input

- Route stops and orders
- Consignments for delivery
- Pre-announced collections
- Settings

Module output

- Completed routes
- Order status updates
- Information on route performance

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