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Stock management

Management of cash and other stock positions across the vaults & warehouses within the supply chain. Stock transaction registration, ownership, stock held for central bank. The module offers a solution for stock management at central bank, commercial bank and CIT level. The movements and ownership of cash stock throughout the supply chain are very important in terms of risk, cost and accounting. Each transaction must be registered and accounted for, and all stock needs to be visible across multiple companies with proper authorization. Consumables also need to be managed in terms of stock. The functionality covers the management of cash and other stock positions across the branch and cash centre vaults & warehouses, CIT stock positions and any other stock position within the supply chain. All stock movements are registered, related ownership changes recorded and stock held for central bank is visible.

Module input

- Route Management and Order Processing stock changes
- Vault and warehouse settings

Module output

- Information on stock positions and movements/transactions
- Orders for bulk movements

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