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Achieve the most efficient transport operation and offer top-notch services to your clients with the all-in-one transport solution from CashWebCommunity.

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Track & trace

The movement of cash throughout the supply chain is a key process both in terms of timely delivery and collection of cash as well as being a key cost driver for Banks and Retailers. At the same time a CIT business needs sufficient margin to be able to operate a future proof and secure business. The key elements of driving the business are proper planning of routes to achieve optimal route profitability, delivering services within service levels, using resources efficiently and execute services securely. A trend in the global cash community is the increasing dynamic of the supply chain, which requires a CIT to act faster and on-demand. Bank and Retailer clients nowadays expect to be able to track their shipments online and near real-time with automated indication in case of exceptions. The backbone of a modern Cash-In-Transit (CIT) business is an automated “track & trace” system.

From Order to Bill

Receive orders for transport and maintenance digitally and let your clients access the information online. Let operators distribute orders across sites and plan routes local or centrally. Execute the service on-route with a PDA that runs CWC, assuring complete execution. All executed orders are subject to billing, using the price agreements configured in the contract module of CWC.

Management information

All data around orders, execution, packages, resources and pricing is available for tactical level analysis of the performance. The user can obtain the data and work with 3rd party tools for further analysis and reporting. For clients a set of KPI’s can be configured, which can be viewed online.

Order and package tracking

Once an order is in the system it is updated with relevant status throughout the process of executing the order. Both CIT operators and clients can track each order and the related services. This can all be done near real-time and using a web user interface with sophisticated permission management for internal users and client users.

Electronic lock integration

The software running on the PDA uses GPRS to obtain codes for locking/unlocking the relevant locations. CWC’s back office is able to interact with the codex provided by the manufacturer of the locking system.


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