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RMS Group Services choose Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software for the management of their cash business

RMS Group Services is a leading provider of competitive cash management services and security systems to a vast array of industries within the UK and Ireland. Their services are known to be supported by dedication, professionalism, the highest standards of service, quality, continuous growth, and innovation.

By implementing the software RMS has replaced several IT systems, making CWC the central system for managing all the cash processes and operational data, which results in an increased traceability of the packages. The integration of processes has helped RMS to reduce operational costs and increase the level of control.

The inventory management functionality provides real time visibility on stock positions per denomination, quality and stock owner across sites. Bills to be charged to the client are also automatically calculated, reducing time and errors.

Their customers can place online orders and have real time visibility of their status by using the CWC web portal. This online communication between RMS and their clients is a key element of the high quality service that RMS offers to their clients and will bring time saving to the cash supply chain.

“CWC supports our mission to provide the highest standards of service, delivering value, quality and innovation to all customers. This is exactly what we needed to support our growth expectations and maintain our leadership position”, commented Tony McAleenan, Group Finance Director at RMS Group Services.

Transtrack International is market leader in developing and providing sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses worldwide to increase efficiency, transparency and security. “We continuously innovate and invest in product development to make sure our clients can move to the next level of automation and cost savings” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

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