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Saudi Arabia embraces CWC to automate their cash operations cycle

Transtrack joined hands with our partner InCube and our client SANID to implement what happens to be the first fully automated IT implementation in the Kingdom for their CIT services. On this momentous occasion, the team at Transtrack and InCube would like to thank our esteemed customer for selecting CWC and for helping us to make this possible.

“As a leading cash service company in the kingdom we are committed to continuously innovate, in order to provide a modern and comprehensive service to our customers. Deploying the software from Transtrack was a key strategy to enrich the offering to our customers, achieving genuine savings and quality improvements for our network, we look forward for the next phase of the project” says Ahmed Al Muhaimeed, Deputy CEO at SANID.

They have proven that this step allows the multiple parties to share the cost, risk and service provision of a single cash center or operator, leading to reduced cost and improved service for all parties. Cash management activities – from note sorting, to reconciliation, to optimization – were automated using the Transtrack technology.

“We are happy to be part of this big moment in the Saudi cash industry, our goal is always to re-vitalize cash operations and bring industry best practices using CWC. In Saudi Arabia, the endeavor continues as our next step is to integrate the ATM, Retail Cash Point and Incident handling business functions of SANID using our CWC solution.” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO at Transtrack International.

Transtrack International, is a trusted name in the cash industry, bringing innovation and standardization of processes with our CashWebCommunity (CWC) software. We are happy to support your cash management strategy with the state-of-the-art CWC system, where we can, together with your operators, take the time to properly analyse and understand industry and market requirements to ensure excellent efficiency, security and service levels.

InCube FZCO brings forward years of knowledge and experience and utilizes them to provide its clients with value-added benefits. With presence on the Middle East & North Africa and an offer of Hardware & software solutions. The company’s core business areas include development of state-of-the-art handheld solutions with focus on Supply chain and tailor-made solutions. InCube’s services and solutions are diversified. Merging them all brings forward a unique and valuable offering in business enhancement.

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