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SecurCash choose Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software for end-to-end cash automation and management

SecurCash provides premium cash services to retailers and banks in the Dutch cash and valuables logistic industry. The company’s constant growth of operations creates new business challenges, which are being addressed with the use of standard software solutions in cash management.

The integration of the two businesses at IT and application level is driven by choices for best-of-breed and industry standard & flexible platforms, making sure the future growth of SecurCash is perfectly supported. Across the CIT and Cash & Coin processing operations, management and customers require end-to-end visibility and measurement of service levels based on customer agreements. With the role of SecurCash in the Dutch cash supply chain, perfect communication with customers and partners is crucial and therefore external collaboration and integration at information level is part of the objective as well. Transtrack provides a complete hosted application platform and integrates with the ERP of SecurCash.

“As a leading cash service company we are committed to continuously innovate, in order to provide a modern and comprehensive service to our customers. Deploying the software from Transtrack was a key strategy to enable integration of the two businesses and enrich the offering to our customers, achieving genuine savings and quality improvements for our customers” commented Ad Willmes, Managing Director at SecurCash.

Transtrack International is market leader in developing and deployment of sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses worldwide, in order to increase efficiency, transparency and security. “We manage and develop a true industry standard software product and continuously invest in product development to make sure our customers have the best software and good cost of ownership. We are thankful that we can help SecurCash with their integration of Brink’s and achieving some key milestones in their business.” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International

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