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The ESF (Europees Sociaal Fonds) grants sudsidy to Transtrack International for continuous improvement

The ESF is administrated by Agentschap SZW, which is a governmental institution that administers subsidies relating to socio-economic policy, in particular for work and income policy. Transtrack was granted with a subsidy from ESF in 2015 for the continuous development of our consultants as it is key to deliver a high-value service to our customers. The subsidy will be allocated to specific projects to train Transtrack’s employees.

One of the projects consisted on an airline pilot management training, which has boosted the consultants skills for a premium delivery to clients. Expert in Human Resources, Marianne Bohnenn, was part of the project and held ongoing workshops with the consultants in order to create recommendations on how to implement new changes and walk towards a healthy learning and working environment in parallel. After the Training Program and the workshops took place, an evaluation was performed in order to be able to measure the change.

Transtrack embraces its sustainability through our consultants and the continuous investment in their competences, which is reflected in our service offer.

The project was certified as part of the ESF program.


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