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AMNCO chooses Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity software

The largest CIT provider

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With 5 regional offices, 13 branches and more than 3,800 employees, serving more than 250 cities and towns across the Kingdom, AMNCO holds a leading position in the fields of integrated security solutions for the monetary sector, the transfer of funds and precious metals, and the provision of comprehensive civil security services for a wide range of government and private agencies throughout the Kingdom.

AMNCO is a market leader in a transfer of funds and precious metals to cash suppliers in Saudi Arabia. AMNCO’s Reliable and Value Adding Cash Transfer and Processing Business was looking for a platform that would allow them to optimize and transform the CIT services as well as the cash processing and counting services.

With the role of AMNCO in Saudi Arabia’s cash supply chain, perfect communication with customers and partners is crucial and therefore external collaboration and integration at information level is part of the objective. Transtrack International is now fully supporting AMNCO with a complete hosted application platform to integrate their cash supply chain processes as well as centralize their operations. Improvements are to be found in automatic route planning capabilities, improved customer engagement with online ordering of services, tracking of the consignments, automated cash processing functionalities and in-depth management information to improve the operations.

“As a leading cash service company in the Kingdom, we are committed to continuously innovate, in order to provide a modern and comprehensive service to our customers. Deploying the software from Transtrack was a key strategy to enrich the offering to our customers, achieving genuine savings and quality improvements for our network, we look forward to the next phase of the project” says Fahad M. Al Guthami, CEO of AMNCO.

“We are happy to be part of this movement within the Saudi cash industry; our goal is to enable efficient cash operations and bring industry best practices using CWC. In Saudi Arabia, the endeavor continues and we are proud to be chosen by AMNCO to support them in optimizing their cash business and bringing more security, transparency, and efficiency to their operations,” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO at Transtrack International.

Transtrack International provides sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses around the world. The software’s purpose is to increase efficiency, transparency, and security. From a total cost of cash perspective, the software allows for a decrease in the cost of cash for banks and retailers.

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