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In line with “More visibility with CashWebCommunity”, the latest release of CWC’s cash center solution includes an update of the Stock Value History View – one of the many views and dashboards you get with CWC.

Stock movements in your cash center

Every day, thousands of stock movements take place inside a cash center and all these movements (flows) form transactional records that are recorded in CWC. The Stock Value History View provides the start and the end balance per stock owner, together with all the different inflows and outflows per denomination, per qualification (counterfeits, fit/unfit, rejected) and stock date.

Clarity and confidence

Who’s stock are you managing? How many counterfeits did you count per cash center or in the total network? The Stock Value History View gives you a quick overview, and the confidence when audited. Easily spot irregularities in your operations, reconcile with stock transactions, and inform your customers with accurate and timely information.

Check out the animation video below to find out how it works.


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