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Transtrack International has elevated its cash community software philosophy with the TCN

Transtrack International has elevated its cash community software philosophy to the next level, now introducing: the Transtrack Customer Network (TCN), where they engage and collaborate online with all their clients from around the world as a real community.

The TCN is an enterprise platform powered by Microsoft Yammer that allows our clients to collaborate and communicate with the Transtrack team in private groups, and to participate in discussions about the cash industry or share best practices in public groups accessible by all Transtrack’ clients. All permissions can be set by the network administrator (Transtrack).

Transtrack holds a close relationship with each and every one of their clients, that’s why in 2014 we created the TCN as an extension of our community software philosophy. Last year the design of CWC Version 6 took place at the TCN. A group of clients participated and collaborated with Transtrack’s Product Manager and Consultants in designing the functionality and features that needed to be included in V6 and how these should operate. In 2015 all our clients will go live with the TCN and will have an input in further releases.

Transtrack and their clients are embracing the CashWebCommunity not only through the end-to-end solution but also through the TCN, a growing community.

You are invited to join the Cash Community on TCN and use the unique CWC software modules!

*TCN is only for Transtrack International clients.


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