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Transtrack International is now sponsoring Friendship Sports Centre to bring further and better sports options to children

Activities such as sports stimulate fun, strength and confidence. Sports also connect people, and we consider it crucial for the development of a person. However, children with a disability are in extra need of this and can usually not prosper in a normal sporting club.

The question is if there is a sporting environment where these kids can thrive and grow accordingly. Friendship Sports Centre (FSC) has the answer to this question. FSC is the only sports center in Europe which is fully equipped for children and young people with a limitation or disability. A top sporting environment with more possibilities than they ever dare to dream. Sports, fall and resurrect, and freedom. Here, these children can do everything, become completely self-sufficient.

The FSC is the sports center of Only Friends sports club. Where more than 600 children and young people with a limitation conduct sports. With the choice of 25 different sports performed by specifically trained coaches, limitations change into possibilities.

FSC looks beyond sports, it is also a learning company. There is ongoing support to attendees for them to thrive in society. The FSC provides a safe and trusted environment with an extra support to develop their unique talents. Because learning and working gives a sense of independence and self-esteem.

Transtrack International is very excited and humble to be part of this movement. We are eager to cooperate and , most importantly, to learn how we can better support the welfare of our society and children, the future of this world. Because we believe that together we can convert constraints into possibilities and make all children and young people and elderly people with any sort of limitation to be able to have some recreation time, some fun and to be part of the community at the Friendship Sports Center.

For more information:
Friendship Sports Centre Amsterdam
A: Beemsterstraat 652, 1027 ED Amsterdam
T: +31 (0) 20 333 1234


+31 (0)20 888 4722

Science Park 400

1098 XH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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