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Vaultex choose Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software for cash forecasting and optimization

The CWC software provides a sophisticated service for Banks and Retailers aiming to deliver cost savings and quality improvements by optimising cash levels, orders and the cooperation within the supply chain.

Vaultex is the leading cash processor in the UK, serving commercial banks, corporate customers and ATM deployers with end-to-end cash management services. With Transtrack’s software Vaultex will be able to offer a comprehensive ATM management proposition to its customers.

The CWC software will monitor, manage and forecast usage in cash points such as ATM’s and retail deposit safes, optimising the cost by determining the most efficient balance of cash replenishments against the cost of holding cash. The software allows Vaultex to have open communication with their customers through a web based system, in which they will share data in real time and obtain immediate reporting.

“A key component in our strategy is continuous investment in customer-focused innovation, and I believe that the implementation of Transtrack’s software can create genuine savings for our customers as part of a wider ATM management service” commented Mark Trevor, Commercial Director at Vaultex.

Transtrack International provides sophisticated software solutions to cash businesses around the world. The software’s purpose is to increase efficiency, transparency and security. From a total cost of cash perspective, the software allows for a decrease in the cost of cash for banks and retailers. “Our software enables our international customer base to offer a modern technology-powered service with the ability to continuously innovate and maintain the best service level to their customer base” says Ronald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International.

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